General War Memories Cheats

General War Memories Cheats

general war memories cheats

General War is a browser-based massively multiplayer online strategy game with 2.5D imaging that brings you back to the fiercest and cruelest war in human history- WWII.
It has simulated and reconstructed the true-to-life scenes and battlefields with various kinds of tanks, weapons, generals, skills and strategies.
In General War, you can lead your own army and experience a unique campaign on your browser!

When you want to cheat General War Memories with an application General War Memories Online cheats is perfect for you. Our scripts are made to add Unlimited Gold, Silver, EXP, RP, MR for free directly to your account.
The application is purely to be used online and it is working either through the USB cable connected to your mobile device or through the browser where the game is running. The main problem with this tool is the abuse of our users who tend to add as many resources as possible. You can add little by little to prevent the method being patched and banned by the makers of the game.
General War Memories Online Hack can be use in any browser that has scripts enabled and can add Gold,Silver and RP really fast and secure. Now is the moment to take advantage of this offer and use free of charge General War Memories Cheats directly from browser, no download needed.

GUIDE HOW TO PLAY FREE, using General War Memories cheats tool:

general war memories cheats

1. Most important part of game, how to gain levels of HQ easy (finish campaign stages) are SKILLS (screen attached 1).

At begining of game there is absolutly no problem, but when u level up 20-30 you will see much stronger AI units (to 200x better tthat your own units near lvl 100).
There is no way to finish them in normal way – thats why is so important to have proper skills.
Best way to gain “strategy books” (required part to upgrade skills) is participate in World war. After advance war level to 7 u can but them for honor every day. Other ways are: daily check-in, quests.

2. GOLD – most required value for everything. Dont spend it other things that: VIP 30 days and gold fuses.
Four ways to get them:
a) finish all daily quests
b) daily check-in
c) capture Roma in alliance war
d) sometimes great developers gift them for bugs they made
e) General War Memories Cheat
VIP status give u much easy way to obtain Experience (EXP)  and Military resources (MR).
Most important things of VIP status.
– You will get 25% bonus to them and can be turn on for 8 hours free.
–  gain +20% fuse chances
– 6 builders

3. FUSES – equpiment

general war memories cheatsgeneral war memories hack

There are 2 ways to gain equipment
1. At begining of play u can use “Equip fusion” from “Arsenal” building – they are cheap and well enough to play up to lvl 30-35.

2. Fuses with blueprints for silver and gold.
They are much better, more expensive and relative harder to obtain  equipments.
You will need:
– resources (silver or gold) deppends what set you try to obtain,
– “Safe stone” from daily “online pack”,
– blueprint what can be gain from proper instance.

It is highly recommended that u have VIP status for every fuse – specially for gold fuses. Without, in some unlucky tries – you waste more gold that you can buy VIP status + fuse.
After every “fail” try fuse, never forget to use “safe stone” for next try. It always give you +5% chance.

general war memories hack

Every unit have 6 slots for equipments (attached screen 3).
First 2 are most important, because u gain most bonus to attack/stamina.
I recommend to full these 2 first slots with fuse 2-set for silver equipments.
3 and 4 slots give u less important stats, so I recommend to full them with 2-set gold equipments. Gold sets give you best set bonus. Even u make them at lvl 25 u can use them  up to lvl 100 because of these bonus. In such way you have to change only slots 1,2,5,6 with new version of silver equipments (sets are for 20,50,75,90 lvl – best sets for entire game are on lvl 75).
In upcomming version for General war memories hack, you will be able to get also safe stone, tech manual and blueprints.

general war memories hack cheats

General War Memories Cheat

general war memories cheats download

About the game, General War Memories:
General War has three kinds of armies: infantry, artillery and tanks. a. Infantry: strong marching ability, weak defense, higher damage against Artillery b. Artillery: weak marching ability, high crit rate, higher damage against Tanks c. Tanks: medium marching ability, strong defense, higher damage against Infantry Players should make use of the tactics accordingly to make the greatest damage with the least cost to your enemy.

When the troop upgrading CD max, it means you have no available builders for now to upgrade the buildings now. To solve that issue, you are suggested to purchase VIP, which will give 6 builders in total to help you upgrade. There are also other privileges given for VIP that you may check by clicking “VIP” icon on the top left corner.

The quickest way to gain RP is donating silver to your alliance or exchanging it with gold in the “Exchange” panel. You can also get RP in online pack, consulate, battle, login rewards or watch tower. To get unlimited RP, now you can use General War Memories Pirater tool.

The extra slots in troop formation are not for you to assign troops. They can be considered as AIs that help you during certain circumstance, aka you cannot control how they move. They will show in battle when you were attacked at city siege, also when you’re intending to up-rise from other’s occupation of your city, as well as when in watch tower to help you win(not at common battle or arena or instances though).

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